“When art becomes a performance, Frédérique Lemarchand shares with her public a privileged moment of creation; feelings pour through the brush to the canvas, through a series of metamorphoses, through a marriage between music and painting. It all happens as if that which is created could query the  balance of something which is at once moving, mute, screaming, temporary, volatile and of an infinite fragility.”

Concept : Immediate, of the moment painting

During company conventions, conferences, talks, seminars or marriages … the artist creates a personalised, of the moment, work of art , a painting ….

– to mark a momentous or magical event,

– to capture the sentiments and feelings of that moment,

– to express a coming together of the painter and the object, .

It is a live performance with music,  to be done at and for a time specified by the client or host

Requisites for the performance:

Frame of 1m² or more

The set :

  • A stage minimum dimension 2m deep by 3m50 wide by 2m50 high
  • a stage assistant needed for the installation and removal of the set
  • direct access to the wings for a small van, provide a person to help with the transport of the material
  • simplified access to the wings for the easel, the canvas and the backdrop
  • dressing room with wash basin or water supply


Peinture en direct